We've got two hero's selected for this happening.

Jimmy is back and brought his friend Dean to bring you a brand new NY clubbin' style Friday night.

This night is about being who you really are and about doing what you really want to do... The rest will be taken care of by Jimmy & Dean!

During the whole night Jimmy & Dean are gonna give you the best entertainment around.

Come out and see a Jimmy Woo in a slightly different way... the way in your imagination.

Latest news is that our friend Bastiaan van Schaik is coming to our party to play at the upper level of Jimmy. He’s gonna play his favorite records specialy for all you guys and us…. :p Thanks Bas!

So hop in your crazy partysuit and follow us into the night. Be part of something big in 2010...
Catch you there!

Jimmy & Dean

Special appearance by Jimmy Wood and The Rebel Club International!

Friday 22 january 2010, from 23:00 till 04:00

For vip request or other information please mail us:


Morris en Max Morel