Last year, Zurich hosted the 2009 edition of Europride. With the slogan “Yourrights are my rights”, 50.000 joyful elated people marched in the huge parade, expressing their enthusiasm for equal rights. With 24 trucks and 25 floats, this was the longest and most colorful Parade ever seen in Zurich. Thousands of visitors were enchanted by the two-day festival in the City of Zurich. With more than 100 mobile stars or tusk cones illuminating the streets and rainbow flags visible everywhere, Zurich proudly presented itself as the Gay Capital of Switzerland. Numerous visitors from all over Switzerland, from Europe and even from overseas came to participate in this extravagant yet sophisticated event.

This year, lasting from 3. – 6. June, the Zurich Pride Festival combines the best of the political aspects of the annual Christopher Day movements and the in 2009 hosted Europride. With a slogan stating “Do Ask – Do Tell” this four days festival invites for communication, that being between men and women, gays and lesbians, homo- and heterosexuals, people with different skin color, religion, cultural background or opinion. Political debates, seminars and life music with multiple artists are just a few of the highlights that can be expected of this festival. Additionally, visitors of this magnifying happening can await a loud, gregarious and joyful parade at the end, all with the intent to spread joy between the LGBT and heterosexual community.