Gay life in Stockholm is like the city itself: easy accessible, hugely fun, highly varied, and warm and welcoming in a laidback, typically Scandinavian type of way. It is never bash, ghettoised or in-your-face, as some of Europe’s other capital cities can be. Stockholm can be gay, gay-friendly, or just plain friendly, depending on what you are looking for. Nonetheless, it is never, ever dull or predictable.

Stockholm Pride is one of the largest festivals in the city and seems to be growing year after year. In 2008, the city hosted the Euro Pride, which brought the international spotlight onto what was already the largest pride celebration in the Nordic region. With an astonishing combo of intellectual social mixers and outrageous parties, Stockholm Pride managed to showcase the city’s diverse side, reflecting all the best it has to offer.

This year, the Stockholm Pride will indisputably follow in its own footsteps when throwing the 2010 edition of the Festival. Taking place July 26-31, the participators and spectators of this phenomenal festivity will be offered a wide variety of profound, cultural happenings and wild, extravagant parties taking place at the Pride House or the Pride Park. In keeping with tradition, a mighty marching manifestation will fill the streets of the Swedish capital displaying love and acceptance amongst gays and heterosexuals.