In 2009, London organized its biggest Pride ever with the attempt to beat the recession blues and take this social extravaganza to not yet reached heights. This was evidently achieved with flying colours. Literally! With an electrifying cavalcade suffused in every shade of the rainbow, London managed to stir up the homosexual juices, setting new standards for Gay Prides around the world.

The 2010 Pride, which takes place June 19 – July 3, will without a doubt not be a disappointment either. With an overall theme that seeks to eliminate hate crimes, called Love Without Borders, this year’s Pride will unmistakably live up to the success of the preceding Pride from 2009. With superior dance parties and cultural activities organized around the city, the participators of London Pride 2010 will have enough to attend before the trailblazing highlight of the festival is being revealed, that being the London Parade. This year’s theme of The London Parade, taking place July 3, celebrates 40 years of the Gay liberty Front: Paint the Town Rugby Red. In accordance with yearly costumes, this will be larded with glitz and glam to the point of bursting. Subsequently, plenty of entertainment can be obtained at the multiple stages and bars dotted around the city.