The sun is said to always shine on the Queen’s Copenhagen when the LGBT parade marches though the city. Evidently, the 2009 edition of this astonishing event was no exception. Bathed in affectionate ray of sunshine, the city's gay pride collided with the hosting of The World Outgames, which gave rise to a spectacular frenzy of glitter-soaked floats viewed by manifold nationalities. Subsequently, implausible acts of both national and international character came together to form an amazing show at Copenhagen City Hall Square.

With the mission to create equal rights along with visibility for the LGBT community and the vision to obtain this, Wonderful Copenhagen will once again showcase its potential as a gay capital with the celebration of a weekend long, glitz-covered festivity filled with celebratory and cultural elements. With this year’s theme being “Celebrating the Right to Love”, this jolly spectacle, taking place August 18-22, will be welcoming everyone regardless of sexuality, gender, age, ethnicity and region. Packed and stacked with culturally stimulating events and party options, there will be an adequate amount to attend for everyone despite whatever need and interest. The peak of this astounding extravaganza will be reached, as trucks and floats - crammed with all sorts of colourful individuals - once again will roll though the city, spreading love and bliss.

Additional stardust will be sprinkled over Copenhagen, as the capital once more transforms the giant City Hall Square into Pride Square. Here, a composition of multiple artists, programs and activities will take place, sending off the Copenhagen Pride with a boom.