Yearly, the birth place of Oscar Wilde throws its LGBT community a vivid and vigorous festival, where cultural happenings and festive, social events come together to form a well-balanced synthesis. Through the festival, Dublin aims to promote the celebration of diversity. Not only to tolerate it, but also to acknowledge it and understand that differences amongst people are what makes them extraordinary.

From the festival launch night on June 18, until the Parade Day on June 26, Dublin’s Pride Festival 2010 aspires to offer events for all tastes and age groups. Amongst the highlights can be mentioned a Gaelic social gathering, sports days, club nights, workshops, community street festivals and remembrance ceremonies. Additionally, this year there is added an extra element with the dedicated set of Arts & Cultural events including the 1st Pride Film Shorts competition, art exhibitions and Pride literary & poetry night.

The flagship event is the Dublin Pride Parade itself, which takes place the last weekend of June. In previous years, over 5.000 people turned out for the parade and the outdoor show that followed in the amphitheatre of the civic offices. This year even greater numbers are expected at this year’s parade, which without a doubt is going to be a marvellously experience for both participants and spectators.