Since 1991, the Kölner Lesben- und schwulentag (KLuSt) has organized the Christopher Street Day Parade on the first Sunday in July each year. On one side to commemorate the riots on Christopher Street in New York back in 1969, on the other side with a vision to a future with equal rights for the LGBT community. What started out as a small-scale street party with approximately 3.000 participators has now transformed into a gargantuan celebration assembling between 650.000 and 1.000.000 people yearly. Last year’s pride was themed “Our Freedom Has History”, a spin-off based on the two most important German jubilees celebrated in 2009: the 60 year anniversary of the constitution and the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This year, Christopher Street Day Cologne will launch June 19 and will run till July 4, making it a two week long celebration filled with multiple, cultural activities, street parties and stage shows scattered over the city. Amongst acts can be mentioned acrobatical performances and opera at the Politur-stage, dance-rocking rhythms at the Tanz-stage, and a magnificent candle light commemoration in corporation with Aids Cologne at the Haupt-stage.
July 4 the inhibitors and visitors of Cologne will once more witness an extravaganza beyond beliefs as the parade unfolds itself. 120 creatively decorated floats and trucks stacked with party-hungry posh-like preppies, bling-bearing bears and luscious lipstick lesbians will hit the streets in order to demonstrate their diversity and pride for what they are.
With a slogan stating “ Stolz Bewegt”(freely translated Moving Freely), Cologne Pride addresses not only homosexuals’ desire to partake in social life equally with heterosexuals, it also draws attention to the fact that the city is the host of one of the biggest Gay Sports events in the world alongside the Pride, that being Gay Games.