The summer of 2010 – July 9-13 to be accurate - will set the frames for the first Gay Pride festival ever organized in Sitges, transforming the city from being a laid-back, recreational piece of sunny bliss to an outrageous extravaganza with an overflow of sun-kissed torsos dancing on more than 24 humongous floats.
The scenery of this magnifying Summer Pride will be the breathtaking and picturesque Mediterranean Sea. Numerous happenings will take place, counting a Pride Parade, a Mr. Sitges 2010 election and two all-night ‘Party in the Park’ events, attended by acclaimed DJs and wrapped in ferocious fireworks displays. Sitges sea-front promenade will provide the setting for the Gay Village, a purpose built area packed and stacked with bars, discos and a gay shopping fair.

The Pride Parade will have more than 24 different floats as thousands of volunteers mix it up, Sitges-style with local gay groups, drag queens, go-go boys and celebrities! Two major party nights are expected to attract several thousand partygoers, with an outdoor park playing host to more than 3000 people from 12am until 6am!