Manchester loves to celebrate diversity with a variety of festivals and events and the Gay Pride Festival is no exception. Last year, the organization behind the Manchester Pride festival hosted a number of community events to promote and share the diverse, hard-working local groups of the city and increase the public awareness of the LGBT communities. With flair for organizing colourful happenings, Manchester Pride 2009 was voted “Best Festival or Pride Event” by readers of the Pink Paper – Britain’s national gay news portal - for the fourth year running


With this year’s theme lined “Through the Decades” there is irrefutably primed for a commemoration to honour the vibrant LGBT heritage. While waiting for the grandiose street parade to hit the streets of this English metropolis, people will have manifold opportunities to participate in multiple activities, counting Lifestyle Expo and Market Stall. With over 90 entries, the Manchester Pride Parade is the highlight of the festival.