Despite a gay scene that is relatively smaller than the one of Cologne and Berlin, the German city of Frankfurt does offer a few hidden gems when it comes to gay cafes, bars and discos. Additionally, with its unique skyline, Frankfurt is the ideal city for ferocious devotees of amazing pieces of modern, avant-garde architecture. Lastly, the city offers a wide variety of cultural must-see counting the Jew Museum and the Goethe House; childhood home of the world famous poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Yearly, this proclaimed business city throws a well-established Christopher Street Day festival to commemorate the riots at Stone Wall, New York back in 1969. Festive costumes – if wearing one, that is – big masses of exulting people and every colour of the rainbow are all standard ingredients at the immense festival. With a multi-interpretable catchphrase stating ‘Sind wir schon angekommen’ (freely translated: Have we reached it?), the 2009 edition of this massive pink party seemed to raise big political questions such as ‘is the gay community accepted by the rest of society?’ or/and ‘has the gay community reached political equality?’ Additionally, several cultural happenings took place, counting a symposium about old words, city tours, an ecumenist church attendance and a remembrance ceremony for Aids victims. Moreover, multiple parties and social mixers were organized by the city’s numerous clubs and bars.

July 16-18 2010, Frankfurt can once again be counted upon to throw a ferocious Christopher Street Day in honour of the LGBT community and their accepting, heterosexual friends. This year’s CSD Frankfurt will be held at Konstablerwache, centrally located in the inner city of Frankfurt. Additionally, a bazaar of diversity will be set up at Gr. Friedberger Strasse, which will function as a centre for all sorts of informational-, associational -, and political stalls. All in all, Frankfurt CSD 2010 will contain enough cultural activities and exhilarating parties for one to become absorbed in.