The Gay Pride in Glasgow has since its commencement in 1995 been organized by several organizations, counting Pride Scotland and Pride Scotia. The Pride was traditionally thrown every 2 years, swapping with Edinburgh. However, in 2008 a decision was taken to break away from Pride Scotia, which led to the formation of Pride Glasgow.

The 2008 event kicked off with a colorful procession counting over 5,000 blissful revelers, marching from Blythswood Square though various city centre streets and onto George Square, where the rally started with the raising of the Rainbow Flag above the City Chambers as a statement of support for the LGBT community. The festival had no theme expect the incorporation of Human Rights and the City Council Theme of Vibrancy. On a gigantic open-air stage positioned on the George Square, live performances like Brenda Edwards, Uniting Nations, Billiam and 80s legend Hazell Dean took to the scene, giving the thousands of spectators a vivacious show.

This year, taking place July 17, the Glasgow Pride will once again hit the charming cobblestone streets of the city. With a theme that rejoices the diversity of the LGBT community, the Pride Glasgow organization will be ensuring that the event is inclusive to all the people who identify to L, G, B or T by organizing family friendly events. With that, a rally filled to the brim with glitz and glam will walk though the city, starting from Blythswood Square, finishing at George Square. At the end destination, an eclectic mix of speakers, stalls and a great line-up of main stage performers will await the participants. Hereafter, people will have rich opportunity to hit off into the night in search of the evening entertainment, which will be dotted around the LGBT scene in Glasgow.