In a glamorous swirl including all from diamond-encrusted tranny-appearing fems to sun-kissed Greek god-looking muscle men, the islet of Gran Canaria throws one of the most magnificent and potent Pride in Spain, size wise only topped by Madrid. Carried out by GLAY (Gay and Lesbian Association of the Yumbo), the objectives of the Pride are to work towards non-discrimination of the LGBT community, to be a point of contact for the community and to promote safe sex practices. Since its first appearance on 2002, the Pride has grown immensely, as has the number of participators flocking to this summer paradise to partake in the festivities.

With a wide variety of celebratory and cheerful elements, the 2009 edition of the Maspalomas Pride Festival managed to set new standards for itself. These counted a benefit gala organized for ACES (Amigos Contra el Sida), performances by local, national and international artists, with Hannah Jones, Angie Brown and Toyo Wilcox being the crème of the cake and multiple pool parties organized by some of the most prominent hotels around the city. Obviously, the highlight was the well-organized Gay Pride procession viewed by thousands and thousands of people.

With an exceedingly packed event list, which included a touch for every kind of need and interest, this year’s Malpalomas Gay Pride quite easily surpassed the previous year’s festival. The highlights of this extravaganza included a samba-playing, acrobat-performing, fire-eating, stilt-walking act at the Yumbo centre, a fashion show supporting local businesses, pool parties, Gala fundraisers, comedy shows and a “Dragathon” just to name a few. Conversely, the crème de la crème happening of the week long spectacle was indisputably the Grand Pride Parade, taking place May 8. This day, approx. 80.000 people were reckoned on to hit the streets to witness countless of colourful floats passing by, spreading hilarity and delight. Later, same day, the festival rounded off at the Yumbo centre in a ferocious frenzy of top international acts counting celebrated named such as Janis Kay, Andy Scott-Lee, Jaymi, and Magnus Carlsson.