Cardiff knows how to party, throwing one of the UK’s biggest gay events of all: Cardiff Mardi Gras. Each year, a great number of festivity-famished party people come to this summer event in order to partake in an eclectic array of live music and events centered around the city’s oldest landmark, Cardiff Castle.

The Cardiff Pride has come along way since its first hesitant beginning. What started out with a participation ratio of 5.000 in 1999 has rapidly expanded into 35.000 attendees in 2007, and the numbers are constantly increasing. The event has been classed as the second largest free event in the UK and is always carried out with remarkable performances by highly prominent names. The 2007 edition saw a big artist line-up consisting of huge household names such as Boy George Experience, Kitty Litter and Sheila’s Wheels Girls. Additionally, an award show was arranged in order to honour the greater good of Wales. Six awards were handed out - one of every colour of the rainbow – and were given to “Most Positive Role Model”, “Community Spirit”, “Best New Friend of Mardi Gras”, “Scene Personality”, “The Safer Wales Award” and “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

The 2010 edition of the vivid and vibrant Cardiff Mardi Gras festival is going to take place September 4. With an exquisite selection of entertainment including a main stage and a dance tent, the city expects to host an audience of 40.000 people. In keeping with tradition, different performances, carried out by Cardiff’s finest household names, will hit the stage for free in order to be given the opportunity to promote their own music. As the festivities begin to wear off at the Cardiff Castle, participants will have enough fun to attend to in the beautiful city centre, where the party will continue at the city’s multiple bars and discos.