Last year’s host-city was the Swiss capital, Zurich. It was a festive extravaganza stretched over a whole month, including a sports weekend and, evidently, an implausible Parade to top everything off. About 50.000 took part in the gigantic and vivacious Parade, which went under the slogan “Your rights are my rights”. With 24 trucks and 25 floats, it was the longest and most colourful Parade ever seen in Zurich. Visitors came from all over Switzerland, from Europe and even from overseas in order to take part in this amazing event.

The host of the 2010 edition of Euro Pride will be Warsaw, Poland and will take place July 09-18. The city has taken a major risk in throwing Gay Pride events in recent years because of orders not to do so from homophobic former mayor of Warsaw and current president of Poland, Lech Kacchynski. Being the biggest Pride Eastern Europe has ever seen, Euro Pride 2010 is therefore a particularly exciting and crucial moment for GLBT rights in Poland and in Eastern Europe in general, and many observers expect an especially large turnout in Warsaw this year. During Euro Pride 2010, the organization wants to affirm the tradition of Christopher Street Day demonstrations as well as to celebrate the motto: Liberty, Equality, Tolerance, thus showing all nations still facing homophobia that nothing is impossible.

During Euro Pride 2010, there will be enough to attend to for both culture lovers, entertainment cravers, and for the hardcore party people. Amongst the happenings can be mentioned a pioneering “Arts Homo Erotica” multimedia exhibition at the National Museum – the first of its kind ever to hit Poland, amazing performances by both the London Gay Men Chorus and Stockholm’s Gay Choir and of course the magnificent Parade which will run through the historic city centre of Warsaw. To top it all of, a humongous concert will be held in the wake of the Parade, where among others the New York based pop rock band BETTY will perform a wildly memorable and boundary-pushing live show for everyone to see.

Hopefully, this extraordinary celebration will mark the beginning of many more years of Warsaw Gay Pride, long after Europride has ended.