Last summer, Helsinki’s LGBT community got political at Finland’s key Pride festival. The annual happening promoted equality and openness through
discussions, cultural events, parties and an immense parade. As many as 3000 people marched through the streets in an eye-popping and colourful display and overall 10,000 revellers took part in the wide range of exciting events. Performers and activists rubbed up alongside spectators and organizers, but the event was not only popular within the LGBT community. The rest of the city’s inhabitants used the festivity as a great excuse to enjoy themselves whilst showing solidarity for a good cause.

Helsinki upholds its tradition in taking upon itself a heavier, political issue, as the city this year (June 28 – July 4) invites people to take part in yet again a vast extravaganza. The free expression of one’s sexuality as well as the promotion of rainbow subcultures will not be the core of the festival agenda. The main goal of Helsinki Pride will instead be diversity, its promotion and reinforcement.

The Helsinki Pride theme will be built around role models, their importance and significance. Multiple questions will be raised and addressed such as the impact of the transmission of stereotypical gay characters from both the movie- and music industry, and whether these are projecting positive or negative examples for the gay community. Additionally, the Pride organization will give its suggestion on good gay role models by presenting multiple cultural happenings counting poetry reading, concerts, art exhibitions and interesting discussions, all carried out by prominent gay people.

The icing on this already embellished yet delicate tartlet will irrefutably be the Gay Pride Parade, where big, colourful floats and trucks will hit the streets of the Finnish capital in order to spread joy and visibility of the LGBT community. Henceforward, people will be able to take pleasure in a comprehensive program at Festival Park, where contemporary tunes carried out by multiple artists will set a nice atmosphere. The 2010 edition of Helsinki Pride will be rounded off by Helsinki Pride Anniversary Celebration – a gigantic gay culmination of Finland’s hottest party.