With its strange mongrel architecture, large range of museums as well as open-air-bars, theatres and parks, it is a rough-and-ready destination that offers a lot of charm and charisma. Additionally, the proud city throws an immensely potent Gay Pride celebration called ACCEPT GayFest – a festival of celebration and recognition of sexual diversity.

This magnificent festival takes place in the city centre of Bucharest and is dedicated to the Romanian LGBT community, their friends, families and overall supporters. A mind-blowing cocktail of films, art exhibitions, debates and parties are daily organized during the 5 days, the Pride goes on.

In keeping with tradition, last year’s GayFest offered the participators an abundance of cultural happenings. Photo- and art exhibitions, movie showings, Furthermore, a bright and praiseworthy Pride turned the whole Romanian capital into a sac of skittles as joyous people deluged the beautiful medieval streets. The whole celebration has rounded off at the gigantic Soho Bar party, taking place in the inner city.

This year’s festivities – taking place May 17-22 – will be just as infuriatingly fun and fabulous as the ones of preceding years. The ACCEPT GayFest organization has made an overwhelming effort to put together a program for everyone to enjoy and to take part in. Amongst the many offerings can be mentioned an exhibition called “Rainbow flow” taking point of reference in the rainbow flag and its relations with the LGBT community, photo – and drawing workshops where techniques in both art forms will be shared and a dance course inviting people to unleash their inner booty-shaker to seductive rhythms.

De crème de la crème of this already superlative extravaganza will be the Pride March taking place Saturday the 22nd. This year, the rainbow-coloured carpet will once again be rolled out in order for the Romanian LGBT community to educate their fellow citizens that love between the same sex is not a crime, but something just as glorious as any other kind of love. The carousing will again end in a big splash – almost literally – as Soho Bar invites all participators and spectators to a far-fetched after party, themed beach party.

* www.gay-fest.ro