De campagne van Smirnoff draagt de naam #ChooseLove. Hatelijke berichten van online trollen veranderen plotseling in humoristische kunstwerken.

Chris Laidlaw, leidinggevende van Smirnoff in Europa, zegt dat hij hoopt dat de campagne ‘bijdraagt aan inclusiviteit, diversiteit en liefde’.

Een deel van de kunstwerken zal worden tentoongesteld in Londen, op 6 en 7 juli wanneer het Londen Pride Festival losbarst. Hier de beelden:


Hey guys! So I've been commissioned by @Smirnoffeurope to work on their campaign for Pride, which is responding to online hate towards LGBT+ through artwork. Here's everything you need to know: 1 in 3 LGBT+ community have experienced online abuse, so as part of a collective of artists, I'll be responding to this online hate through artworks in order to raise awareness to something that is often ignored or missed in the public eye. I'll post another one towards the end of the campaign, but in the meantime you should check out (and follow) the other artists involved @maryloufaure, @c8six, @rbessaaa and my lovely friend @lucaslevitan! there's also some donation links on the next image. #ChooseLove #LovehappensHere #Pride (& obviously, #sponsored)

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Hey everyone! I’m really pleased to announce that I’m working with @Smirnoffeurope for this year’s Pride celebrations. Smirnoff has been supporting the LGBT+ community for over 20 years and we're launching a campaign to raise awareness of online hate that's so often ignored or unseen on a daily basis. 1 in 3 of the LGBT+ community have experienced online abuse and alongside other amazing artists, I’ll be transforming some of this hate to create work of inclusivity, positivity and love. In my first piece, I really wanted to reverse the words as a means to counteract the statement. If hate is fuelled by ignorance and scaremongering, I’d rather build and create rather than destroy, and remain calm and confident in the face of fear Kind words can change someone’s day, and always for the better ♡ Check out the rest of the collective ♡ @instachaaz | @lucaslevitan | @maryloufaure | @rbessaaa ♡ Show support and/or donate to these LGBT+ charities ♡ Stonewall: Galop: Switchboard: LGBT Foundation: #ChooseLove #SmirnoffPride #LoveHappensHere #IllustratorsOfInstagram #Pride #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBT+

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I don't need to tell you how excellent Moonlight is. It was touching, genuine and an incredible work of art. I also don't need to tell you how boys kissing boys are also excellent. I figured what we need here is, undoubtedly, more kisses. Lots more kisses. #ChooseLove #SmirnoffPride #pride #lgbt . This is a campaign I am working on with @Smirnoffeurope for Pride. Smirnoff have been supporting the LGBTQI+ community for, apparently, almost my entire life. They're launching a campaign to raise awareness of online homophobia that is so often ignored in the public eye - and I'm part of it! 1 in 3 people in the LGBT+ community have experienced online abuse and as part of a collective of artists, I will be working with them to respond to hate with some works of love. . The artists: @maryloufaure @c8six @lucaslevitan @instachaaz

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