Voor de mensen die meteen hun goudvis willen laten nakijken op kwaaltjes: je moet er wel een stukje voor reizen. Dokter Oisín werkt namelijk in Australië. Voor nu kun je wel weg kwijlen bij de fijne foto's die hij op zijn Instagram plaatst. 

Oh, en dan heb je natuurlijk ook nog de foto's zonder dieren. Ook niet mis. 

Je kunt de dierendokter hier volgen op Instagram.


There has been a lot of news this week about Marriage equality in Australia and I wanted to share some advice from my experience, having been heavily involved in the marriage equality campaign in Ireland, when 1,201,607 people or 62% of voters said YES to LOVE. . . Actions speak louder than words! Write to your local government representatives and I mean ALL OF THEM. Even if they are from a party that you do not support, they still represent you and your jurisdiction. Write to your mayor. Write to your state parliament members. Write to your federal parliament members. Contact your local marriage equality group and donate whatever you can, whether that is time or money. THEN post about it on social media and tell your friends “look what I did! You should do it too!” . . Know your facts! Yes, it makes perfect sense to us that we should have marriage equality and we shouldn't have to fight for the right to marry. But the world isn't fair and this is the hand we have been dealt. So learn the difference between religious marriage and civil marriage. Learn the different rights between a defacto relationship and marriage in areas like inheritance, illness and seperation. Learn the facts regarding same-sex parents versus opposite sex parents. Be able to explain that same-sex couples are already having and raising children without marriage equality. So when you have a conversation with someone who is unsure, you can have a calm collected conversation, and not a heated argument. Listen to their concerns and address them. . . Look after your mental health! No matter how this decision is made, there is going to be a lot of shit thrown around. You are going to hear family, friends, and strangers say hurtful things. Talk to someone if you need to. Also have confidence that it was the generation before us which has normalised the LGBTQ community and that is a process that is still taking place. We are going to be the generation, which normalises LGBTQ families. . . And lastly, it is going to be tough, but I can promise you it will be worth it! Sending all the love!

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